Your Recipes

As this is a place to share each other’s thoughts, experiences and expertize; there is a tab in the menu bar which names ‘Your Recipes’. It is solely meant to energize you people and ask for your experiences with different recipes.

Whatever you cook is one of its kinds. Everyone has a different taste in his and her hands. Whether you follow Pakistani recipes or Indian recipes and even for other cases like fast food recipes, snacks recipes, Chinese recipes, salad recipes etc. There is always a room to share your work. If you think that you have a good recipe and you want other people to know about it. We welcome your recipes. You can send your recipes via facebook.

You can send your recipes from the Chinese recipes, Salads recipes, Pakistani recipes, Indian recipes and your own Your Recipes and they will be named your recipes.

We will see your recipes and will post on our website by your name. This will allow you to become a part of our team. Zubaida Apa wants you to cook in a very effective way and she wants that every girl cooks everything in the best possible taste.

For sharing your recipes, you can go the Facebook page: HERE


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