Who is Zubaida Tariq

Who is Zubaida Tariq or commonly known as Zubaida Apa? This article about her will tell you all the details.

DoB: April 4

Star: Aries

Website: http://zubaidaapa.com

Always smiling Zubaida Apa

Always smiling Zubaida Apa


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/zubaidaapacom

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZubaidaAaapa

Google +: https://plus.google.com/u/0/101450374755149785857/posts


Everyone in Pakistan is very familiar with Zubaida Apa. The people living abroad and having a connection to Pakistan are also very familiar. The people of India on the other hand are known to be the followers of Zubaida Apa. The original name of Zubaida Apa is Mrs. Zubaida Tariq. She is well known for her knowledge and her skill on the field of cooking, household, health and herbal medication.

Zuabaida Tariq has such an intellect that if she is provided with some food to taste only once, she has the best qualities and intellect in her and that she can cook or reproduce that food. This is something very interesting about her and we know that some people have special qualities gifted by the God. We see Zubaida Apa as a beacon of light for all the women and men across the world. Anyone who is concerned about the recipes, health, household or anything similar; Zubaida Apa’s totkay, tips and recipes will work best for her and him.

Whether you talk of indian recipes, Pakistani recipes, desi recipes, English recipes, snacks, sweets, salads, totkay, exercises, beauty tips, old fashions, etc. you will find this website and Zuabaida Tariq speaking on all of the topics. Pakistani food recipes and Indian food recipes are the special interests of Zubaida Apa. On the other hand, the masala foods and boiled recipes and the Chinese recipes according to Pakistani taste are very popular.

Zubaida Apa has got to her credits many Television programs and a recipes book. She is doing a very good job to help the people. We pray for Zubaida Apa and here you get know Who is Zubaida Tariq.


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