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What is Obesity?

Help !!!!

Help !!!!

Weight loss is term used all around the world due to the increase in the obesity rates in almost every country. The types of food people eat have been changed over a period of time and this is only one reason of obesity. There is one more very significant reason of increase in the weight of people and that is the different and changed working style. The working style to which I am referring is the style of doing office or job work. With the advancement in technology, people have to use their physical body lesser. They mostly rely on computer and machines. By extended sitting in front of computer or for ladies in front of the television, the rate of obesity has been increase.

Facts about weight and over-weight

When we look around ourselves, we see that the reasons mentioned above have become a part of life and they are definitely unavoidable. The question may arise in your minds that if you cannot avoid these reasons of being obese, then what should you do in order to keep yourself in the best of health. One thing is very clear that obesity is the mother of all diseases. There are countless problems which only come towards you because of obesity and over-weight.

Reasons for increase in weight

The above two paragraphs about obesity may be leaving an impression on you people that obesity has become an obvious thing but this is not the case at all. In women and men sometimes, obesity is due to many other uncontrollable factors. These factors include the birth given by a lady to child. Giving birth leads to several hormonal changes which affect the eating habits of women. The craving for more food increases and as a result, you get extra fats. In men on the other hand, the body types and body structures differ a lot. There are some people whose metabolism is too good that with a very little intake of food, their system can extract a lot amount of energy. When they eat more and burn less, they become obese.

Solution to weight loss and totka

What is the solution to all these problems is a question very frequently asked. There is no rocket science involved in weight loss; believe Zubaida Apa. Zubaida Apa ka weight loss totka is that you must try to manage your life and manage yourself. If you have a routine of eating three times a day, never let it change and never try to eat four times a day. If you have no habit, then you need to develop the habit of eating according to your routine. The amount of food you can burn should be the amount you eat. If you burn less, eat less and if you burn more, eat more. You will see, you will never get obese and you will never experience a problem of weight gain. Your weight loss period greatly depends on the above told phenomenon.


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