Removing Stains from clothes

Clothes are a basic necessity for life and it is the very basic element of our daily routine and Removing Stains from clothes is a big task. Managing your clothes is also a very important part of the daily routine. There are problems faced by women most of the times when they get to wash clothes having permanent stains on it. There are many detergents available out there which claim to remove the most hardest stains but sometimes fail. Some stains on the clothes are not easily removed and they have to be treated in a some how special way. Zubaida Apa will keep on providing you with good totkay for such stains.

A special totka is presented in the first post.

Removing Stains

Removing Stains

If you ever encounter a stain of rose flower on your clothes that is very easy to remove with a Pakistani recipe.

Totka (procedure)

  • Take some cornflour and add water to it.
  • Apply the solution to the stains and leave it to dry.
  • When the cornflour dries, throw lemon juice and salt over it.
  • Now rub it with your hands.
  • Wash with any detergent powder and you will see no stain.

Enjoy and stay blessed with the totka for Removing Stains from clothes.


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