Tips for Spending Eid

Tips for Spending Eid are here as we all know that Eid ul Azha is approaching and we are all going to celebrate it on 16th of October; there have emerged many new trends. The markets are flooded with new stock, new designs and new styles but the old customers. The old customers are trying to change take a new look and trying to be different this eid. As the weather is also changing and the aspects of summer have left, the dressing is becoming easy.

Spending Eid

Spending Eid

Tips for Spending Eid tells you that the dressing is becoming easy because, in the clothes that are not for summer, you can easily add colours and you can easily wear double shirts that enhance your styling. On the other hand, the parlours, the makeup shops, the jewellery shops and foot wears are also getting a great attention of people. Basically eid is to be celebrated and in the time we are going through, the biggest celebration is in looking the best. This is indeed not right because you have to do other things too.

Looking good, wearing good clothes and getting up in a good way is part of the celebration of eid. This eid revolves around the sacrifice basically and so, you may try to fit into the theme of the eid. In that direction, you may select your outfit seeing that the eid is to be celebrated with soberness in mind and humbleness in activities. These are the Tips for Spending Eid and Things to be kept in MIND:

  • Do not wear dresses that are too bright in colour.
  • Avoid the shiny touch in your outfit.
  • Try to keep things simple but elegant.
  • You should not wear bright makeup.
  • The colour of your shoes must match your clothes.
  • If it does not match, you must try to wear dark colour shoes.
  • The nail polish, the bangles, the jewellery, etc. keep them dull.
  • Try to spend lesser time on makeover.
  • Try to spend more time celebrating eid than preparing to celebrate.

We hope that these tips for spending eid will be very helpful for you..

Have a nice eid..


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