Special Makeup tips for an Effective Makeup

Special Makeup tips for an Effective Makeup is a detailed article for women and after reading this article, you will find that makeup is not a big deal. Effective Makeup can be learnt through the use of special makeup tips. Effective makeup is all about wearing a make u which suits you and which suits your needs. The time of the day changes the needs for a makeup and these tips which help you to get through all the difficulties you face.

What is makeup?

Special Makeup tips

Special Makeup tips

Its answer is simple as we know makeup is that technique which will enhance your beauty by using some colors artificially. There are dozens of techniques to apply makeup on your face and also many kinds of makeup are available which you can apply or adopt. There are many make up tips on the internet available but here you will get some natural look makeup tips which you can apply on your face on daily basis without damaging your skin.

Daytime special makeup tips:

  1. In daylight always wear light makeup.
  2. Use light base for daylight makeup and use loose powder too.
  3. Use light shades on your eyes and use natural ones like peach, pink, light brown these kind of shades will brighter your eyes.
  4. If you have small eyes apply thick liner but if not apply liner with your eye line. Use mascara too.
  5.  Then apply light peachy pink blush and light lipstick with little some glow and your done.

Night time special makeup tips:

  1. In night time wear some dark makeup.
  2. Use little some heavy base which is matching your tone and apply loose powder.
  3. Use dark shades or the kind of shades of the dress you are wearing, like black smoky, silver, dark blue, Russian blue.
  4. Always remember to wear liner because it will make your eyes shape and use dark black smoky mascara.
  5. Apply some pinky peach or light brown blush for your cheeks; it will give natural look to your face.
  6. Apply some dark shade not too much dark like mahogany, but use like light red, pink and then apply glow to your lips.

Oily face special makeup tips:

  1. Applying makeup on oily is bit difficult but not impossible. Use face with citrus extract face wash then apply light base with much loose powder.
  2. Use some light liquid shades plus liquid liner to your eyes and water proof mascara.
  3. Little some blushing to your face for natural look and light mate lipstick avoid using glow.

Above were some makeup tips and are not so much difficult to apply. This was all about the article Special Makeup Tips for Effective Makeup based on the makeup tips of Zubaida Apa.These makeup tips are very easy to apply on daily basis because they will not damage your skin and make your beauty to enhance. Many women and girls do not know how to wear makeup and these makeup tips are easiest to use and apply without any problem.


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