Roghan Qorma, Hyderabadi Ginger Chicken, Aalu Matar Malai (Part 2)

Zubaida Apa

Here we bring you three recipes combined in one video.

1. Roghan Qorma

It is Zubaida Apa ka special Qorma. It is called roghan qorma because we know that roghan is very special in all the cooked foods. Qorma has many recipes in the Pakistani recipes and the Indian recipes list. There are also types of meat involved like Chicken, Mutton and Beef.

2. Hyderabadi Ginger Chicken

Hyderabadi Ginger chicken is one more special recipe. Ginger is a very famous recipe in the Indian recipes and Pakistani recipes. But here Zubaida Apa is giving you the recipe of special Hyderabadi Ginger Chicken. Ginger is a very good vegetable with countless benefits and when combined with chicken, it becomes more delicious.

3. Aalu Matar Malai

This is the vegetable cooked at its best. Zubaida Apa has transformed the Pakistani recipes and Indian recipes of ordinary vegetables and provided you with this special Aalu Matar Malai recipe.


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