Pimples And Acne totkay

Pimples And Acne totkay by Zubaida Tariq.

What is Acne?images

Being women, you will be knowing that acne is the appearance of red swellings. They fire up out of your skin and they are hot. They cause irritation which is same as that caused by a burn.

What is a Pimple?

A pimple is a small red colord mole. It is mostly found to show up on your face and it is again very irritating.

Facts about pimples and acne

  • They snatch your self-confidence.
  • They make you depressed.
  • Pimples can make you refrain from smiling.
  • Acne can make your mood off.
  • You routine is disturbed by acne and pimples.

Big mistakes most of the women make in the treatment of acne and pimples

  • Any treatment which you start demands some time from you. Most of the women are observed not to follow a treatment for a sufficient time. Most women try one treatment and then switch to another. This is not to be done. Acne and pimples are not just linked to your skin, they appear due to internal problems. Every treatment takes time.
  • Many women have also been observed to make another big mistake. In hurry and in disturbance, they find no way out and start multiple treatments at once. When you use more than one beauty product for the treatment of acne and pimples, all of them go in vain. This is to be avoided.
  • There is another type of problem seen among women that they try to wash away the acne and pimples by washing and scrubbing the face again and again. They wash and scrub their face several times a day. This is again not beneficial and also leads to other problems of dry and hard skin. You must avoid it.
  • Many women have a little knowledge of acne and pimples. Due to lack of knowledge, they most of the time chose the wrong products for the treatment of acne-prone skin and pimples. This affects your skin adversely. A mistake to be avoided though.index
  • In the time of trouble, many women have been observed to try pinching off the pimples and trying to scratch away acne. This only leads to permanent scars on your skin and also by doing so, the disease also spreads around. You should never do it.
  • Many women become lazy when it comes to seeing a skin specialist or a dermatologist. This is very bad. Why you wait for so long in visiting a doctor? You don’t know that a stitch in time saves nine?
  • There is another class of women which consult a dermatologist, select the right treatment, buy the right product and in the end, over dose it. They sometimes also use less than the prescribed dosage of a treatment medicine or cream or whatever. This will also produce no results for you.

Zubaida Tariq k Pimples And Acne Totkay

Do not do all of the above things and do the opposite. Read them carefully and try to avoid them all. You will get your way out of acne and pimples in a very short time. Stay blessed.


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