Oven Chicken Recipe Urdu

Ovens of all sorts have brought a revolution in the Cooking recipes all around the world and Oven Chicken Recipe Urdu is one of the best recipes of all time. There are now many recipes which tell you, how to cook something in an oven. Use of ovens in the kitchen has revolutionized the lives of many women. The Pakistani recipes have not been transformed to be made using an oven. There is a very small number of Pakistani recipes which have been presented which make use of the ovens. The Urdu recipe provided above is a Pakistani recipe and tells you about cooking a chicken using an oven.

The oven chicken recipe Urdu has much more for you than you think. It is a very tasty form of chicken and there are a lot of people, who like and love to eat food like this. There are spices in this Urdu recipe which allows you to make the taste according to your will. This is also a recipe which is very time efficient. There is an added feature of this recipe that you do not have to stand or sit in front of the food which is being cooked. The job of cooking is handed over to the oven. Make the chicken and enjoy.

The recipe for Oven Chicken by Zubaida Apa in Urdu recipes, followed by a special Totka at the end of this recipe:

Oven Chicken

Oven Chicken 1

Oven Chicken at its best..

Oven Chicken 2



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