Onions and Health

Whether you talk about the Indian recipes or the Pakistani recipes, Onion and Health has got some special connection in comparison among all other vegetables. You can see onions being a big part of the fast foods, burgers, pizzas, Chinese recipes, desi recipes and almost all the masala foods. For the foods which have gravy in it and are to be cooked in a way that they can be eaten up by bread, roti or nan; they have got onions.

Onions for health

Onions for health

This post is being posted for the clarification of fallacies about the bad health effects of onions. Onions are basically very good for human health. The meat, the rice and every food has something to do with the onions. All the chicken recipes, all the beef recipes and all the mutton recipes will have a basic necessity of onions being present in it.

On the other hand, when you go for rice then whether it is a biriyani recipe, pulao recipe, chicken pulao recipe, vegetable rice recipe, etc. Onions are a basic necessity and Onions and Health are very closely related. This is to keep in mind that necessities are the mothers of inventions.

  • Why onions are given so much importance?
  • Why are onions a part of most of the Pakistani recipes?
  • Why are onions part of all the Indian recipes?
  • Why are onions part of all the English recipes and the fast food recipes?
  • Why are onions thought of a good part of snacks recipes?

The answers to all of these questions are very simple and straight forward. The problem is that some people have heard about the bad effects of onions and they have knotted this false assumption with themselves.

When you cook chicken or any other meat, there is a smell in it and that smell never goes without the use of onions. When you hear that beef is not good for health, onions have the power to destroy the bad impacts of beef and make it better for your health. When you cook any food with any recipe which involves onions, not knowingly, you always make that food to become easily digestible.

From the above discussion, Zubaida Apa wants to convey to you people that onions are very good for health, the food and any kind of recipe when they are used during the cooking. The onions which are not cooked must not be eaten too much. But cooking your foods with onions and health remains good is a truth.


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