Oily Skin, Oily Scalp and Oily hair

Oily Skin, Oily Scalp and Oily hair are the problems which are linked to each other.

Truths about oily skin and hair problem

More than fifty percent of the people I have ever met had the problem of oily. This means that oily skin is not a problem. Cheers.

Now when you have come to know that it is not a problem at all, you should be relaxed to a great extent. I have seen that some tips provided by the beauticians in the name of beauty tips are just a havoc and not easy to do. They also do not produce any long term results because the skin type does not changes in a matter of minutes. Most often there is no chance to change the type of your skin.


Now we are on the right track. We know it very well now that oily skin is not a very big problem. Secondly, we also know that treatment and tip for oily skin can never change your skin type. This also means that any tip or treatment will not last forever. You will have to practice these tips and tricks to make them a part of your routine life so that they do not appear to you as a burden.

Totka (procedure)

Here I provide you simple tricks and techniques which will make you happy in getting a relief from the trouble of oily skin.

  • Wash your face as many times as you can.
  • There is no restriction of any sort of soap. Whatever soap you already use will work best.
  • Take bath as frequently as you can and try to wash your hair and scalp with shampoo daily.
  • Do not use lotions and other moisturizing creams until you feel that your skin is very dry and you have to moisturize it.
  • You have to dry your hair and face thoroughly after every wash.


By practicing the above things you can get relief from Oily Skin, Oily Scalp and Oily hair and it will not be a burden on you and you can easily keep these techniques very easily with your routine matters. For extreme cases where there is no hope of managing the oily skin, I will post something different.

The techniques provided above work for almost 90% of the cases. Stay blessed.

oily skin and scalp are no more a problem

oily skin and scalp are no more a problem


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