Totka for Methi



Totka for Methi tells you everything; it is a herb which is used for cooking and it has a drawback that sometimes it has a very bitter taste. If you take some Methi and cut it into small pieces and then mix it with Turmeric (Haldi) and dip it in water for approximately 20 minutes; the bitterness will go away. You will be enjoying just the taste of methi.

There are many vegetables of this sort as is methi. One big example is mint. The thing is that these herbs are greatly used in cooking, preparing sauces and are also widely used for the making of many different sorts of medicines. The inclusion of these herbs in your recipes will bring many health benefits which are a bonus. I have called it a bonus because the good taste will be your primary interest. Well, this is an interesting fact that the people go for taste more than they go for health. This not just but what we can do is to try to use more and more ingredients which are better for health.

Totka for Methi has told you to keep handle methi and use it with a procedure which can make you like methi if you do not at present.


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