Homemade Beauty Tips, Tricks and Secrets

Whether you are a male or a female and reading Homemade Beauty Tips, Tricks and Secrets; it is for a reason. Every girl and every woman is beauty conscious no matter which age group she belongs to. They just want to look the most beautiful and the most perfect in the world. For this purpose they attempt every kind of beauty tips and tricks which any one tells them. Some might suit them and some might not or even some tips become damaging for their skin and they end up spending so much money just to try out ideas to achieve the desired looks. The homemade beauty tips, tricks and secrets are not too much difficult or expensive; they are most of the times very simple and easy if anyone is willing to do them on regular basis. I’m going post some beauty tips, tricks and secrets so that you may read them. They are neither too expensive nor will damage your skin.Beauty Tips


When we are talking about beauty, we can say that long hair always become an attraction for people. Every woman wants her hair to be long and strong. A simple beauty tip and trick for hair is; take one egg and beat it well, mix some quantity of water in it and apply it on your hair and cover your hair with a piece of cloth for half an hour and then wash it with a good shampoo, you will see the effective result within a few days.



When you meet someone, one of the first things they notice in you, are your eyes and if your eyes are dull or there are dark circles around them, it imparts a bad impact of your face. Eyes are one of the parts of your body which enhance your beauty. Here I am going to tell you a simple beauty tip or trick for beautiful eyes. Take a potato, wash it well and cut slice of it now put the slice on your eyes and just take some rest and relax yourself for twenty minutes, by doing this procedure for a week you will see your dark circles will vanish and your eyes will become beautiful day by day.

the best thing is that you can very easily follow all the Homemade Beauty Tips, Tricks and Secrets.



If there is any spot on your face it just looks awkward and it destroys your beauty. Here I am going to tell you a simple beauty tip and secret to remove acne spots. Take half cup of rice, half cup of corn flour and add some tomato juice in it to make paste and mix it well now apply it on your whole face for twenty minutes, after twenty minutes massage your face with wet fingers then wash your face with chill water. By applying this mask regularly, spots of acne on your face will start to disappear day by day and your face will glow like never before.


Homemade Beauty TIP FOR GLOSSY SKIN:

You want shiny and glossy skin? Here I am going to tell you a simple beauty tip and secret, you just have to make a mask and apply it on your face, take some quantity of honey, corn flour, rose water and lemon juice; mix it well and make paste now apply it on your whole face and rub it after it becomes dry just wipe it out, by applying this procedure twice a week you will feel splendid difference on your face and your face will become glossy day by day.


Homemade Beauty TIP FOR BEAUTIFUL HANDS:Beauty Tips

This is one of the best tips in the article: Beauty Tips, Tricks and Secrets. Every woman wants beautiful, shiny and soft hands and this is a simple homemade beauty tip and trick to make your hands beautiful. Take 1 egg yolk (zardi), half cup almond oil and mix it well now take one spoon rose water, half spoon tincture and one spoon lemon juice now beat it well and put it in a bottle and massage your hands regularly with this twice a day you will see your hands will become soft and shiny.

All the Homemade Beauty Tips, Tricks and Secrets are homemade and there is no special effort required.


From washing the dishes to typing away on a computer, the hands go through a lot in a day. It’s never too late to start caring for your hands. Here is a beauty tip and secret for your hands. Before sleep at night take glisrene and rose water in same quantity and massage your hand daily with this, this tip really works just apply to observe this.


Homemade Beauty TIP FOR PINK LIPS:

To treat your dark lips, there are a lot of products available in the market. But instead of spending money on such products, you can simply get relief from this trouble with some simple and easy to follow homemade Totka by Zubaida Tariq. Take some sugar and mix it in rose water now make a paste apply it on your lips and massage it, your  lips will become pinkish as never it was before. Pink lips tip will make you love Homemade Beauty Tips, Tricks and Secrets.


Homemade Beauty TIP FOR OILY SKIN:

We generally see majority of women fed up of their oily skin, so here is a beauty tip and secret totka by Zubaida Tariq to get rid of oily skin. Make a face pack, just take raw milk 1 tbsp, 1 pealed cucumber, yogurt 1 tsp, now put it all these things in blender and blend it well then apply this face pack on your face and neck for 15 to 20 minutes and then wash your face will fresh water you will see effective result in few days.Beauty Tips


Homemade Beauty TIP FOR SOFT FEET:

To make cream for your foot according to the Totka of Zubaida Apa; you need half cup coconut oil, 1tsp glesrine, 2 tbsp rose water now mix all these things and make paste, now apply this cream on your foot before sleep and wear sock in the next morning wash your foot you will see the splendid result your foot will become soft.


Homemade Beauty TIP FOR FAIRNESS:

If you want fair skin here is a simple beauty tip and secret, just Take 1 tbsp of gram flour, 2 tsp raw milk, and 2 to 3 drops of lemon juice, mix all ingredients well and apply it on your face and wash just after 15 minutes you will see remarkable result.

I hope you enjoyed the Article: Homemade Beauty Tips, Tricks and Secrets.


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