Healthy Natural Weight Loss Tips

If you are trying to shed off few pounds of weight then don’t rush for quick tricks. Follow simple techniques, exercise and proper diet in order to do so. Even to lose much weight, it is still recommended to follow a complete diet chart including proper diet, exercise and lifestyle change. Follow the rule: Eat less and burn more. Eating less and remain more active is the heart to weight loss and weight control plan.

Weight loss

Following are some of the tips which could help in reducing weight:

  • Include diet having fat releasing ingredients: Take diet having fat reducing capability, this will help in not only burning calories but also giving the feeling of fullness. Such diet includes honey which has the capability to release 64 calories in just 1 tablespoon.70 calories capability in just one boiled egg. Add these items in little quantity to your treat.
  • Treat high calorie food as jewel: If ever you want to eat high calorie food, make them as jewel in little amount and the fresh fruits and veggies as crown by having full servings. High calorie food must be just one spoon and fresh veggies and fruits a bowl filled.
  • Exercise daily: 5 minutes simple exercise like brisk walk, climbing stairs thrice a day can keep your metabolism active and burn more calories daily.Weight loss
  • After breakfast, only consume water as drink: After breakfast do not go for any soft drink or soda, make sure to consume water in plenty being your only choice for drinks. Soda can spoil the diet plan and bring you about 245 calories every day.
  • Keep a note book with you where ever you go for long durations: Always note what you eat or drink when you are away from home for longer time. Studies show that people who keep a check on their dietary schedule wind up eating about 15 percent less food than those who don’t.
  • Walk more: Try to walk to near by shops, friends rather than using any vehicle. Cycling could be another alternative. Walking more always keeps your body metabolism activated and helps in maintaining your body weight and stops gaining more.
  • Stay asleep longer: Researchers report that getting to bed 30 minutes earlier and waking up 30 minutes later than normal can help you make better food choices. Also when you have enough sleep you will be less prone to snacking out of stress or loneliness.
  • Eat five to six small meals or snacks rather than 3 big meals: A study revealed that people who eat their meals in five to six small sessions consumes 30 percent less calories than from people who ate 3 big meals. Always break your meals in different   small sessions, this will help your body to release less insulin which keeps blood sugar steady and helps control hunger.
  • Blue the color of appetite suppressant: Blue is the cloud which suppress your appetite so always serve food in blue weight lossplates, dress in blue while you eat and cover table with blue table cloth. Colors like red, orange and yellow encourage more eating so avoid these colors while you are eating.
  • Decrease food items on table: Studies show that more food is served the more is the appetite. Serve less food so that fewer calories could be in take.
  • Serve food in plates rather than dishes: Try to serve food in restaurant style in plates rather than keeping full dishes on table. This will reduce appetite as less food in plate means you are done with eating no matter how hungry you are.
  • Hang a mirror opposite your seat while eating: Studies show that constant look at eating habits will keep you remind your goal of weight loss so hang a mirror opposite to your seat so keep a look at yourself while you are eating.
  • Consume water rich food: Include in your diet food rich in water like cucumber, watermelon and tomatoes; this will help less in take of calories. Not only drinking water can reduce your appetite but food rich in water help to do so.
  • Avoid white food: White food includes sugar, rice and white flour can add to your blood sugar level and one can gain weight easily. Try to avoid white food and replace them with brown bread, brown rice.
  • Switch off TV: Dinning while watching TV can make you intake 40 percent more calories. Stop watching TV while eating and try to avoid TV more often. TV requires sitting idle and gaining weight rather you can do other useful stuff at the time you waste on watching TV.

Eat only when your stomach starts growling: Eat only when you hear your stomach growling for food rather than eating when your stomach does not need food. If you are hankering for specific food then its just craving not hunger and cravings can be controlled. Hunger does not see what is in front, it wants anything edible, when this state, eat only then.


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