Green Tea Juice Recipe Urdu

Green tea is a very special tea which has health benefits more than all other forms and types of teas and coffees. There are no other such drinks in the market which have health benefits equivalent to green tea. Green tea is sometimes not consumable in summers as people say that it is already very hot and we do not want to drink hot tea. The Green Tea Juice recipe Urdu which is provided here will tell you to make a juice with green tea. All the health benefits of green tea are included in the juice and it is also very good for health.

Best Juice for Summers

Best Juice for Summers

The added feature of this Urdu recipe of juice is that the juice will provide you with an opportunity to consume tea after chilling it. The juice is itself very tasty and when it is combined with green tea, the taste becomes very different and unique. The unique taste which you will experience will stick to your taste buds and you will want to drink green tea juice again and again. Over all you will like the recipe very much and you will see that within minutes you will do a wonder.

Grean Tea Juice recipe Urdu by Zubaida Apa along with a special  Totka at the end.


Green Tea Juice



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