Green and Red Chillies totka

Green and Red Chillies totka will serve as an eye opener for many problems regarding chillies. Chillies (both hari mirch and laal mirch) are a very essential part of almost all the Pakistani recipes and Indian recipes. Without the garnishing of green chillies the presentation of food is not complete. Whereas without the taste of red chillies no recipe turns out to be a spicy dish. There is a great diversity found in the skin types of people and to it has been observed that there is a large number of women whose hands start to burn if they directly touch the chillies in any form.

Zubaida Apa ka totka for green and red chillies

If you have such a problem, it is better to keep polythene gloves for mixing and other purposes and wear them before touching the chillies. Not only your hands will be saved but also the skin will be prevented from the bad effects of chillies.

There are chillies in the Pakistani and Indian recipes much more than any other type of recipes. On the other hand, chillies are an essential part of all the recipes of the world. There are recipes which make use of Black pepper and sometimes other alternatives but still chillies have a high demand and Green and Red Chillies totka is telling you; how to handle them.


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