Garlic Chicken Balls Urdu Recipe

Pakistani recipes in Urdu will make more women to get help and make delicious foods following these recipes and this is the Garlic Chicken Balls Urdu Recipe. It is a special recipe of chicken which is part of the Pakistani Recipes and Indian Recipes. The garlic chicken balls are sometimes also made following the English recipe but that is not very popular in Pakistan and India. Garlic has got many special characteristics which cannot be found in many other foods. The unique taste which garlic assigns to a food is very charming.

In the Garlic Chicken Balls Urdu Recipe, you will find that these balls can be a part of every sort of meal. Whether you are preparing for a lunch or you are preparing the dinner and on the other hand, it works best for the snacks you make daily to get energized. these chicken balls are specially served at a tea party because they have a unique taste, they are dry and they have a good presentation. A special Totka by Zubaida Apa is provided for you at the end of the recipe.

Here is your perfect Pakistani Garlic Chicken Balls Urdu Recipe of Zubaida Apa’s Special Garlic Chicken Balls.

Garlic Chicken 1

Garlic Chicken 2


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