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Looking out for your own health is easily said, but sometimes difficult to do. Working late and still doing sports and eating right, can be quite demanding from time to time.  But when we are free, we prefer to bond with family and friends rather than to stand in the kitchen preparing endless healthy dinner. Now there is a delivery service which makes life easier. Although ordering food online is still something unknown and new in Pakistan, it is definitely worth trying out. Foodpanda makes healthy home delivery possible and delivers your favorite meal in less than an hour, right to your doorsteps. It includes a wide range of restaurants offering healthy meals such as Salads, Seafood, Sushi, delicious Smoothies or a light dessert, e.g. frozen yoghurt, freshly prepared just a click away. Stay cozy in front of the TV, keep lying in bed or stay focused during lunch break in office, concentrating on your financial reports or spreadsheets, as foodpanda takes care of your meal. Currently, four cities are served by foodpanda in Pakistan: Rawalpindi, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad

Foodpanda which is currently operating in all major cities in Asia, Latin America, the middle East, Africa as well as Europe and still expanding to new major cities and restaurants every month. The foodpanda app, downloadable for android or iOS, was launched a few months ago and now facilitates ordering food online with foodpanda even more. Enjoy being on the run and still order your favorite type of food delivered right to your doorsteps.

How to order food from

Go to and enter your postal code

Alternatively you can also select your city from a list of locations

Choose now your favorite restaurant to order from

Decide for one of the many meals and go to the payment section

Wait for you delicious food to be delivered

The FAQ section offers assistance when having problems and enables you to start a live chat with one of the foodpanda representatives and get immediate advice on your problem.

Special about this delivery service is the choice of cuisines to choose from. Just when every shop is already closed, you feel after your favorite frozen yoghurt in the middle of the evening? – Thanks to foodpanda it is just one click away

“At foodpanda they believe ordering food online should be fuss-free, fast and definitely fun.  It’s yummy time” (2013,


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