Dahi Bhallay Recipe Urdu

Dahi Bhallay recipe Urdu is the most favorite snack recipe of all times in India and Pakistan. There are many road side and market vendors found who sell dahi bhallay. There are many health risks related to the food sold at such outlets and many people have been reported to get an abuse due to the consumption of such food. On the other hand, people are unable to resist such a good taste and they want to know some recipe by which they may become able to make dahi bhallay at home. Most of the people who are interested in this Pakistani recipe know Urdu, so we tried to post this special Recipe in the Urdu recipes menu.

Dahi Bhallay are not difficult to make because the Urdu recipe provided here is very simple and the basic ingredient to make a bhalla is “Mash ke Daal”. It is also and essential food cereal which is present in every house and this Urdu recipe will tell you the way to do wonders with in. Dahi bhallay prepared at home according to this recipe Urdu, are very tasty and you can set them according to your own taste because everything is in your hand.

Dahi Bhallay Recipe Urdu by Zubaida Apa followed by a special Totka at the end:

Dahi Bhallay

Dahi Bhallay1

Dahi bhallay at home.

Dahi Bhallay 2

Enjoy dahi bhallay.




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