Crispy Chicken Roast Recipe

Crispy Chicken Roast Recipe has something for everyone.


Very Crispy

Very Crispy

Chicken is a very familiar topic to all of you. Chicken has become the demand of today because people like chicken more than any other form of meat. Also without meat, no meal is considered lavish. Chicken has countless recipes to be cooked with and chicken recipe provided here is for the crisp roast. Chicken is very much liked in the form of roast which is commonly referred to as chicken roast.

Believe me, your Zubaida Apa likes chicken roast very much. Chicken roast has got special attention in the Indian recipes and the Pakistani recipes. Crisp roast is a type of chicken sajji or chicken broast. It is a recipe to be presented the roasted chicken as a whole. The whole chicken without cutting is prepared and roasted as crispy roast. It is the best form of roast for presentation because it looks very charming when placed on the table before the guests.


  • Whole Chicken (2 Kg)
  • Lemon (One)
  • Mint Leaves (a bunch)
  • Butter (fifty grams or 0.05 kg)
  • Olive oil (two table spoon)
  • Potatoes (1/2 kg pealed and boiled)
  • Carrots (steamed)
  • Peas (Steamed)


It is a baking recipe and the kitchen oven works best to cook it at home.

The oven is to be heated up to 220 degrees centigrade. When you see that the oven is heated, take the whole chicken and remove the white colored extra fats from it. You have to properly clean the chicken before preparing it otherwise it will smell. Take a piece of cotton cloth or a towel type material. Rub the chicken gently inside out with it to properly clean it and remove any blood stains or moisture. The tray or pan you will use for roasting must have borders of some 3-5 cm height.

Cut the lemon into quarters, place the cut pieces of lemon and the mint leave in the cavity of chicken. The place under the chest of chicken. The legs of the chicken are to be tied together and there is a need to bring the neck and the wings of chicken together and tie them too. The string you use must be un-waxed to avoid its melting. The oil and the butter are to be mixed together in some sort of bowl. Then the chicken is to be brushed with that combination of oil and butter.

When all the above steps are done, place the chicken in the baking dish and remember to place the chest downwards. It is a good practice to grease the roasting pan. Then bake it for 30 to 40 mints.

Final touches

Bring the chicken out, place the boiled potatoes in a dish and arrange them beautifully. Place the chicken in that dish between the potatoes. Lightly brush the potatoes and roasted chicken with the butter mixture. Garnish with steamed carrots and peas.

Enjoy because your crispy chicken roast recipe is ready.


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