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Food Panda

Looking out for your own health is easily said, but sometimes difficult to do. Working late and still doing sports and eating right, can be quite demanding from time to time.  But when we are free, we prefer to bond with family and friends rather than to stand in the kitchen preparing endless healthy dinner. [...]

Making Excellent Pepperoni Pizza At Home

Preparation time: 2 hours                                         cooking time: 30 minutes Pizza is a very popular food item all over the world. In Pakistan, it is still becoming increasingly popular. Making Excellent Pizza At Home is a topic which is searches by a large number of people and there are many websites where you get the required information. [...]

Making a Pizza Dough

Making a Pizza Dough is a very easy task, We will tell you how? What is Dough? We have seen that pizzas have become very popular in Pakistan. In the Indian recipes and the Pakistani recipes, pizza recipe has got a great demand now. The dough is the base of pizza and here Zubaida Apa [...]

Crispy Chicken Roast Recipe

Crispy Chicken Roast Recipe has something for everyone. Description Chicken is a very familiar topic to all of you. Chicken has become the demand of today because people like chicken more than any other form of meat. Also without meat, no meal is considered lavish. Chicken has countless recipes to be cooked with and chicken [...]

Crispy Chicken Paratha Roll

Histrory Paratha roll is something most liked by our youth today and Crispy Chicken Paratha Roll is its best form. Paratha is part of the Pakistani recipes since old times and it has remained continuously in the state of changing forms. Basic form of paratha is nothing else than the fried Roti. Paratha is famous [...]

Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Chicken has got some special attention around the globe and Chicken Nuggets Recipe will help you a lot in this dimension. Whether you see Pakistani recipes or you go for pure Indian recipes, you will find somehow chicken present there. Chicken recipes are also very popular in other parts of the world but the Pakistani [...]

Chicken Vegetable Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls are on the go now a days and their best form is Chicken Vegetable Spring Rolls. People have started to like rolls of paratha and the like very much. Seeing that love of you people, we are posting this recipe. It will help you to make very delicious Spring rolls within no time [...]