Best Weight Loss Exercises

Being active is an integral part to remain fit. Either to maintain weight or to lose weight, it is necessary to be active and keep doing constant exercises. Exercise not only burns calories but also activate body metabolism. If we burn more calories than we in take, then we can definitely loss weight.

weight loss exercises

A research states that 3500 calories equals to 1 pound of fat. So if we cut 500 calories from our diet we can loss 1 pound of weight in a week (500*7=3500). Diet can strongly affect weight and helps in losing weight but exercise helps in maintaining good shape for long and preventing weight gain again and again. Keep in mind before starting any exercise see if you have any health issue which could get worse with intensive exercising, if any such situation exists, consult your doctor first before starting any exercise.

List here are some of the exercises well designed for weight loss.

  • Warm up: Before you begin get you muscles stretched with some warm up. Tight muscles will create problem for any sort of proper exercise and you will not allow you for longer to do any sort of exercise. Loose and relax muscles are favorable for any sort of exercise.
  • Aerobics: Getting at least 130-150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity or 70-75 minutes a week of vigorous physical activity can help in weight loss. Continue increasing the time of aerobics to have stronger stamina, some people may need about 250-300 minutes a week of moderate physical activity in order to burn calories. Moderate aerobics include brisk walking, swimming and mowing the lawn. Vigorous aerobics may include running and dancing, Women can do all home chores to compensate for aerobic exercises. Physical activity must not be continuous for lengthy duration, keep 10 minutes span for aerobics otherwise one gets exhausted quickly and the results would not be achieved. For men exercises like pushups, bodyweight squats, pull-ups, step-ups, plank, one-leg Romanian dead lift, stick-up, T pushup, V-up and roll and shoulder press pushup can be beneficial in reducing weight. For women aerobics that mainly targets legs, hips and bum are more attractive as these are the areas where from they want to shed weight.

weight loss exercises

  • Strength increase training: Strength increase training twice a week can help in developing stamina. Schedule your strength increase training as per your body requirements, no specific time has been suggested. Strength increase training includes heavy gardening, use of weight machines and rock climbing. A sport has greater impact on strength increasing.
  • Bicycling: Bicycling means to ride bicycle. Bicycling for about 45-60 minutes daily would help tone legs. Bicycling on bicycle machine is a complete exercise in itself for strengthening legs and burning calories. The faster you ride the more quickly you burn calories. This exercise is suitable for both men and women to remain in shape in quick time. Bicycling should be done mostly in mornings or evenings.

  • Swimming:
    Swimming has got the capability to burn the maximum of calories. It burns almost 800 calories in just one hour. Swimming (if possible) should be added to normal routine habits in order to reduce weight quickly.

Exercise frequently: Try not to depend yourself to any exercise machine. Keep on doing exercise even without them like climbing stairs, jogging at place, walking etc. This will help to develop a habit of continuous exercising.


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