Beef Steak Urdu Recipe

Zubaida Tariq presents you many Pakistani recipes in Urdu and this time, it is Beef Steak Urdu Recipe, so that the people looking for Indian recipes and Pakistani Recipes may be helped. Coming towards the steaks; Steaks have got some special attention of people. Steak is primarily made of beef. The beef is cut in long pieces without bone and then prepared. Beef steaks are very popular now a days in Pakistan too. There are also made chicken steaks but the original steaks are beef steaks and they have the best taste.

The steaks have actually become a dish of restaurants but after getting this Beef Steak Urdu Recipe, you will be able to make them at home very easily. The routine will get changed and you will be able to try all those varieties of Steaks that you used to like in a restaurant. The Steak which you ate once in some restaurant will be in your meal now and it will be present as many times as you will want. You just have to keep in mind that for some people beef is not recommended by doctors but if you eat a little beef after 10 days, it will not affect you.

Here is provided the recipe of Zubaida Apa for the beef steak in Urdu. It is the best Pakistani Urdu Recipe.

Beef Stake 1Beef Stake 2



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