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What to do for good Health

What to do for good Health is self explanatory but there is much more to say on this topic. The life is very precious and health is a gift of nature. When you have a good health and you are fit in every aspect, your worries are reduced to a minimum level. When you maintain a […]

Green Tea Juice Recipe Urdu

Green tea is a very special tea which has health benefits more than all other forms and types of teas and coffees. There are no other such drinks in the market which have health benefits equivalent to green tea. Green tea is sometimes not consumable in summers as people say that it is already very […]

Pimples and Acne Totka

Pimples and acne are known to be the problems about which the biggest number of people are concerned. Acne is the name of a disease or problem which sometimes becomes the biggest trouble for many women and men. Pimples and acne totka will help you understand the insight into your problem. The problem of acne […]

Oven Chicken Recipe Urdu

Ovens of all sorts have brought a revolution in the Cooking recipes all around the world and Oven Chicken Recipe Urdu is one of the best recipes of all time. There are now many recipes which tell you, how to cook something in an oven. Use of ovens in the kitchen has revolutionized the lives […]

Dahi Bhallay Recipe Urdu

Dahi Bhallay recipe Urdu is the most favorite snack recipe of all times in India and Pakistan. There are many road side and market vendors found who sell dahi bhallay. There are many health risks related to the food sold at such outlets and many people have been reported to get an abuse due to […]

Russian Salad Recipe Urdu

Russian Salad is a very famous form of salad which is most commonly encountered by you people in dinners and lunches. It has become a symbol of pride for the people who know, how to make Russian salad. Urdu recipes or recipes Urdu are very helpful for the people who have good command on Urdu […]

Coleslaw Urdu Recipe

Coleslaw is a very famous salad and everyone is very much familiar with this salad and this Coleslaw Urdu Recipe will assist you to make this salad in a few minutes. It is the only salad which is served with everything and its quality is that it adds to the beauty of the table and […]

Health tips for Summer

Summer is a season which is greatly observed in India and Pakistan and therefore Health tips for Summer are designed basically for this rehion. Summers are a gift of nature because there are many health benefits related to the summer season. The perspiration through your body during summers is a big relief for many different […]


A totka is the name given to a special tip which the people who have understanding of your problems and the people who have knowledge give you. The totka is the word which is referred to as a special tip on any problem or any topic. The advice of a person who is well informed […]

Health Care is Must for Everyone

Health Care is Must for Everyone and it is a solution to all problems as Human beings have been created by nature in a way that the physical bodies get certain types of problems. The problems which happen to occur are not sometimes clearly understood. All the problems have to be addressed. Whenever someone feels […]