A totka is the name given to a special tip which the people who have understanding of your problems and the people who have knowledge give you. The totka is the word which is referred to as a special tip on any problem or any topic. The advice of a person who is well informed is a totka. When the number of tips is more than, a totka is changed to its plural and that is, totkay.

Now if I have to say that the tip to maintain health, I will rather say; totka for health. In this way the whole of the scenario works. Zubaida Tariq is very famous for her totkay on many important issues related to women. You will find of them on this website. There are many issues of daily life which have to be sorted out on your own and no one can help you with them. There are people who understand some things better than you and their advices are sometimes really helpful. When you take a short advice and get your problem solves, that is a sigh of relief for you. There is nothing much about a totka but there are always some short pieces of advice which can be the solutions of the biggest problems and are known commonly as totkas.


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